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We are currently framing and under contract for over two million square feet of apartments and assisted living facilities. Much the same way those projects are under construction so too is our website.

Please call or email John Toth III, GM for further information on how our company can best assist your project in its aspirations for a quality and timely framing scope.





Included in the services we offer are many newly developed, non traditional methods of producing the quality project our clients expect.

Off site panelization of the walls.

Mobile, on site panelization of walls

Lazer controlled plumb and line of installed products

CAD enhanced layout of walls and trusses

Drone monitored safety controls

LONGLEAF SOLUTIONS, LLC is a company providing consulting, supervision and labor for the rough and finish carpentry of multi-family housing, senior living facilities, loft conversions, hospitality facilities and large, upscale residences in resort type communities as well as Providing the materials necessary to complete our scope of work. Our management staff consists of individuals from various backgrounds of experience and geographical locations whose average years of field experience is 17. Our entire staff of carpenters and carpenter helpers are directly employed by us and have been trained in all aspects of current OSHA rules and safety as well as trained to use every power tool and piece of equipment they use.
This combination of training and leadership enables us to perform in various markets regardless of local code and technical variances

We are a forward thinking, quality and safety oriented company that utilizes technology whenever possible to provide the best our trade can offer. Our field management is a seamless, monolithic approach whereby senior management, myself included, are hands on with nearly every decision. A consistent track record of performing at levels that exceed the highest expectations of quality and timeliness has allowed us to be successful and grow.  

We are keenly aware of the relationship between the prime contractor and owner. The expectations and aspirations of all parties is an integral part of the overall plan Longleaf creates for its part in the success of the project. The cornerstone of our commitment is to build long lasting relationships in a profitable and safe environment and to succeed with any challenges a project may have to offer.

We can provide both the supervisory staff for the length of the project as well as the framing, trim and siding labor you may require. By contracting with us you can be certain of a solutions based, production oriented compensation package that is free of the cost and constraints of direct employment.